Bulgaria: Valley of Roses

Subject: Photo Album

Аuthor: Peter Petrov

Year of release: 2013

Soft cover

Number of pages: 216

Language: Bulgarian and English

Size: 21 / 21 cm

Weight: 0,755 kg

ISBN 978-619-90065-1-1 

Price: 45 lev

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In this book you will enjoy a magical journey between history and present in one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Bulgaria. 216 pages and 216 photos in the path of rose, wine and mineral springs. This is a story of the queen of flowers, of emotions and beauty, of art and harmony, of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian.


To uncover all of Bulgaria to the full and share your experience with others – that is rather far-fetched. This quite small country contains so much history, spirit and riches that the unprepared mind cannot handle that much information and the unprepared eyes cannot take in that much beauty. It’s hard for the Bulgarians themselves to perceive the blessing of being born in such a wondrous place.

Thousands of native and foreign travellers have tried to describe, paint, praise the indescribable, immense, unreachable Bulgaria and have numerous times achieved spectacular results with their work, yet that is but a detail in the great picture. The more you discover, the more you have yet to discover. There is always something that surprises you, seducing you into continuing your travels.

Here you can live an abundance of moments and contrasts in concentrations unknown to the world. True stories from the dawn of time, intertwined with wondrous legends and mythology, heroic battles and inglorious defeats, rise and fall, reign and slavery, faith and superstition, tradition and modernity, transience and eternity, Earth and Space, silence and melody. We could continue counting endlessly because where the sight ends, the laws of the heart begin. You can see great fortresses, secret monasteries, fantastic crafts, incomprehensible traditions, but all these human passions and creations stand surrealistically in the background of the pervasive natural BEAUTY of Bulgaria. Moments and experiences that you couldn’t tell about unless you’ve seen, and if you see them you hush in awe and can’t find the courage to describe.

In such environment we meet a true Bulgarian artist - master of the artistic photography - Petar Petrov. Full of energy and progressive ideas, for years he has been longing to capture the mystery of Bulgaria with his camera. His journey is constantly filled with the magic of our land, given to us by the Lord. He has the courage and the guts to tell about the indescribable things he has discovered and has undertaken the task of depicting this magical journey between history and the present, as for that he has chosen only one amazing place from the Bulgarian land, and is ready to tell us its ancient story full of colours and fragrance with the intriguing title "Valley of Roses".

Hristo Ivanov

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